Whimsy And Humor With A Dash Of French Style

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by Lisa van Eyssen

Derriere, Paris

As they say, this place has great bones. Derriere, a restaurant with the perfect namesake for hanging at ‘the back,’ sits at the rear of 404 and Andy Wahloo in the Marais district, and is the invention of Algerian emigre Mourad Mazouz.  Mazouz, owner of Sketch, a vast pink salon of madeleine shaped chairs and golden light orbs, moved to France at 15 and opened Derrière in 2008 with his brother Hakim. They brought in American born, Paris based designer Bambi Sloan | Jobo Hotel, The Saint James | to transform the former sweatshop into an eccentric apartment-style home. For the past decade, Derriere has managed to embody a bohemian ambience with a bold mix of 1970s glamour and just a whiff of clandestine taxidermy waiting to be discovered in a secret armoire.


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Slake Coffee House, Lyon

Nestled between the Rhone and Saône rivers in the heart of Lyon, lies the Slake Coffee House, the brainchild of a husband and wife team inspired by a trip to New Zealand in 2012 and the discovery of NZ’s blooming coffee houses. Camille and Robin Perraud returned to their native city, galvanized and ready to pioneer a now exciting café scene. Slake is a vibrant space that holds many whimsical and quirky interior details. Camille’s mother, an interior designer, has found a way to incorporate a pillow lined bathtub, golden birdcages with incandescent light bulbs and overhead UFO lamps filled with small toy figurines in the midst of a coffee bar. The space is warm and lends itself to all kinds of experiences, whether at work, at play or just in quiet reflection while sipping a delicious brew.


Les Apothecaries, Lyon

While Lyon is known as the gastronomic heart of France, the interior spaces deserve a mention as well. Les Apothecaries is a modern eclectic restaurant with a dominant wood paneled shelving piece, holding a cabinet of curiosities, antiques and cookbooks. The modular ceiling, with copper piping and soft grey panels gives another dimension to a space where just one seating is offered each evening to diners. A rich teal blue dominates the main wall and runs toward the tiny kitchen where a host of delicious dishes just keep coming.  Interior designer Bérengère Mey | Kanop-Art Design | has created a perfect alliance of old and new.


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