The creation of The Global Design Post was sparked by a passion for Interior Design.  It is for all who contribute to it...... designers, architects, artisans, manufacturers and design-lovers alike!

We dreamed of a place where design would be celebrated for the moving force that it is.  Design shapes our world by solving problems and creating beauty.  It delights and inspires us to enjoy our life in this world.   The Global Design Post celebrates those who support and contribute to the unfolding innovation that moves design by creating a hub for the many, many different talents that feed the Design World. 

We have created a place to inspire you.  Here, we will be your personal news stand; by highlighting international design magazines, their publishers, writers and photographers.

We have created a place for your design talent and vision to shine!   Our site is a media platform for talented designers and design-lovers with fresh new ideas.  We are open to  both established professionals and those who aspire to have their ideas seen.   Talent and vision is what we showcase.   The Global Design Post offers Designers and Design Lovers alike the tools to share their ideas and creations.... we have built a stage upon which you can shine!

We have opened up the world of design to you in a way you've never seen before.  We will introduce you to international designers and products that will make you see the world in a different way.  We will introduce you to design bloggers around the globe whose unique viewpoints will open windows into their local design scenes for you.  We will build your community through discussion boards and connection opportunities.

We welcome you to join us on the journey... it will be so much better with you along!

Please visit our “Team” page to get to know who we are and the “Advisors” page to meet our esteemed mentors.  The "Member Benefits" page outlines ways that you can become engaged in our community and be considered for features on the site. 

Important Note:  It is our intent and goal to provide photo credit to promote the photographers behind all the beautiful photography featured on our site.  We never want to pass up the opportunity to elevate the artist, so if you can assist us in providing Photo Credit to any images we truly appreciate it.