The creation of The Global Design Post was sparked by a reverence of the immense talent that makes up the industry of Interior Design.

Design shapes our world by solving problems and creating beauty, therefore designers are some of the most valuable people to our culture and society. The Global Design Post celebrates those who support and contribute to the unfolding innovation that moves design by being a center for the many, many different talents that feed the Design World. 

At the GDP, we look to provide a beautiful, meaningful platform for interior and product designers, bloggers, magazines, and innovative manufacturers. Here, we will highlight their work with the highest respect, for the inspiration and furtherance of astonishing design.

We have created a place for your design talent and vision to shine! Our site is a media platform for talented designers and design-lovers with fresh new ideas. We are open to  both established professionals and those who aspire to have their ideas seen. Talent and vision is what we showcase. The Global Design Post offers design professionals a platform and design lovers a source of inspiration.

Welcome to the site. It is our sincere wish that you will find a vision that aligns with yours as we jointly grow, celebrate, and pursue refined creativity.

Please visit our “Team” page to meet us and the “Advisors” page to meet our esteemed mentors.  

If you have ideas or questions about opportunities to be featured, please contact us at info@globaldesignpost.com. We have a small but mighty staff and we will personally return your message.

Important Note:  It is our intent and goal to provide photo credit to promote the photographers behind all the beautiful photography featured on our site. Corrections and attribution are always welcome. Please contact us via editors@globaldesignpost.com